My artworks · 23.07.2022

FLOWERS painting buy


You should press the button ‘Buy’, then write a message to me to inform of your willingness to buy and find out a price. For me to  understand what painting you are speaking about, please attach a photo or write the name of the painting.

If you click the painting name, you will see the page with the more detailed information about the painting.

↓ A series of colors of 4 oil pastels on canvas “Pastel series”.

A series of flowers.  5 watercolor paintings on paper. 21×29,7 cm (each), 2021-2022, for sale without frame.

A series of 5 flowers sketches, oil pastels on cardboard. 24×18 cm, 2022. You can learn more and see the works in details here.

A series of 5 flowers artworks, watercolors on canvas. 25×35 cm (each), 2021-2022. For sale without frame.

The Italian long-fiber linen has been used for some etudes of Lilac. Some etudes are 50×40 cm, 1 etude is 40×37 cm. All artworks are for sale without frames and stretchers. It’s easier to send a canvas in a drawing tube. I can put a canvas on a stretcher upon the Buyer’s request. The use of frame can be discussed. The price is provided upon request. Please write and ask your questions by pressing the blue button.

You can see more etudes of Lilac here.

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