For sale / Landscapes / Watercolor · 30.06.2022

Flower Watercolor Paining by Artist Olesya Rapotkina

Flowers. Watercolor on paper series

This series is made of 5 artworks.
Watercolor on watercolor paper, 21×29,7 cm (each work), 2021–2022.
It is for sale without frames. You can find the price by clicking the button.

The artworks were drawn from nature in 2021–2022. Watercolor paper is used for the series.

It’s advisable to arrange watercolor paintings in the frame under glass. A passe-partout can used as well. The series is for sale without the frame, passe-partout and glass. So you can see a possible artworks arrangement. You can place the works in an interior in any order as you like.

Some fragments of the zoomed in works are collected below.
Click the photo.

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