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In the forest of the countess Mordvinova. Peterhoff. A copy of Ivan Shishkin

‘In the forest of the countess Mordvinova. Peterhoff’. A copy of Ivan Shishkin

Oil on canvas, 79,5×55,5 cm.
It is for sale in the frame. Price upon request.

This is a training copy. I did it when I was studying for a bachelor’s degree. Artists learn from copies. The original by I. I. Shishkin “In the forest of Countess Mordvinova. Peterhof” located in The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. I copied, however, from the book, and not from the original in the museum.

In the forest of the countess Mordvinova. Peterhoff. A copy of Ivan ShishkinArtist Olesya Rapotkina
The painting is sold in a baguette, as in the photo

A copy was published in the magazine ‘Russian Gallery XXI century‘ No. 5/2018. The article can be read here.

'Russian Gallery XXI century. Artist Olesya Rapotkina
Russian Gallery XXI century‘ No. 5/2018.
78–79 pages

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