For sale / Still lifes / Watercolor · 02.05.2022

Рисунок картина мандарины хурма

Mandarins, persimmons

Watercolor on paper, 59,2х41,6 cm, 2016.
It is for sale without frame. Price upon request.

The still life took part in two international online exhibitions of the NEW YORK REALISM Fine Art Gallery (New York, USA) and received a gold medal:

  1. COLORSCAPE OF THE GREEN PLANET February 10-28, 2021.
  2. CLEAN AIR AND CLEAN WATER June 10-30, 2021.

Read more about the exhibitions and catalog here.

The work was published in the magazine ‘House of Culture‘ No. 3/2018. You can read the publication here.

Also, the still life was published in the magazine ‘Russian Gallery XXI century’ No. 5/2018. You can read the article here.

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