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Твоя любимая Родина №3/2018

‘Your beloved Homeland’ No. 3/2018

2 spreads about me were published in the June issue of the magazine ‘Your beloved Homeland’. Panorama Publishing House, Moscow, No. 3/2018.

Твоя любимая Родина №3/2018


Elena Svirina

Russia is an amazingly rich country. And it is rich not only in natural resources, but first of all in incredibly talented people. In this issue of the magazine, we want to introduce to you just such atalented person – the artist-designer Olesya Rapotkina.

Olesya was born in the city of Aktobe. The desire to draw appeared in her childhood. While studying at a secondary school, Olesya graduated from art school with honors. She successfully combined her studies in high school with studies at the Art Lyceum, which she also graduated with honors. Then Olesya entered K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional University. By profession, she is a teacher with a specialization in Graphic Design.

Olesya left her native Aktobe a long time ago, moving first to St. Petersburg and then to Moscow. Artistic creativity became her life’s work. She participates in exhibitions, including international ones, winning awards and diplomas. Her works are published in art catalogs, albums and magazines. Olesya embodies her artistic education in a variety of fields. She develops advertising products, logos, corporate identity, is engaged in web design, outdoor advertising, creates illustrations and much more. Olesya Rapotkina is a member of the International Art Foundation, a member of the Union of Designers of Moscow.

Olesya’s creativity is so diverse that it can take a long time to list the genres in which she creates her works: these are portrait, landscape, still life, architectural painting, graphics, decorative and applied art. The artist has a variety of techniques in her arsenal: oil painting, watercolor, pastel. And most of all she likes painting and graphics. In her works, Olesya likes to experiment with various materials, genres, and plots. Many of her paintings were created with a palette knife. This is a special tool that you can use not only to mix paints or remove their excess from the canvas, but also to draw, doing without a brush at all.

Olesya is an incredibly enthusiastic person, says that she is inspired by the unique Russian landscapes, architecture, nature and everything she sees around her. And it really is! For example, the watercolor Moscow Corner. We don’t know the exact address of this place, but you can’t confuse these birches with anything, it’s ours, native. Each of us has such places where we want to return to take a break from the hustle and bustle, to be alone with nature.

Each painting shows the touching and tender attitude of the artist to Russia, its nature. This is evident in the selected subjects, and in color, and in the manner of execution, and in attention to detail. Olesya’s still lifes and portrait works are beautiful. The author’s vision of the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve is very interesting. This series so far consists of three paintings, but work on it continues.

Dear friends, we have presented you a very small part of the artist’s creative piggy bank. I would like to wish Olesya new victories! We really hope that the theme of the Motherland in all its versatility will become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her!

You can learn more about and buy my works published in the article if you click the names below: ‘Kolomenskoe’ series, Moscow Corner, Over a cup of tea, Still Life with Pomegranates, Still Life with Pears.