Exhibitions · 20.04.2024

Green Heritage

The collective online exhibition “Green Heritage” was held at the University of Applied Sciences in Ysparta, Turkey from 26 March to 26 April 2024. 74 artists participated in the exhibition.

Forest Week is celebrated annually from 21 – 26 March. Forest is one of the most valuable gifts of nature. It is an essential element that ensures the balance and protection of the entire ecosystem. The exhibition is organised to highlight the importance of this unique ecosystem and to raise public awareness about the protection and sustainable use of forests. The Green Heritage Exhibition aims to celebrate the power of nature and its role in the protection and sustainable use of forests. The exhibition raises visitors’ awareness of the diversity of forests, their ecosystem services and the important benefits they provide to people.

Screenshot of the University website page with my work

My work “Wildlowers” took part in the exhibition.

74 participants
Works of other exhibitors