Exhibitions / Publications · 06.06.2022

VI международный конкурс графики и экслибриса в г. Гливице, Польша

VI International Graphic Competition for Ex Libris Gliwice 2005, Poland

Location: Gliwice city, Poland.

Year: 2005.

117 artists from 25 countries took part in the competition.

Ex Libris (from the Latin ex libris ‘from the book’) is a book sign which shows the book owner. It is glued or printed from the matrix to the inside of book covers. In the history of bibliophiles such cases are know when the Ex Liblis glued into a book became more expensive than the book itself. The Ex Libirs appeared soon after the printing invention. It is considered to originate from Germany.

Ex Librises are collected. The main Ex ibris techniques are xylography, zincography, lithography, linocut, etching etc. The computer aided design is being used more and more often for Ex Librises.